What does a PAT Test involve ?

Portable appliance testing includes a thorough visual check of the appliance and a series of tests on professional PAT testing equipment.

 A visual inspection involves checks such as:

  1. check plug casings for damage
  2. removal of the plug cover
  3. check correct fuse rating
  4. check correct wiring
  5. check terminals and connections are secure
  6. check there is minimal bare wire
  7. check for signs of overheating – discoloration
  8. check for misuse/ingress of liquids or foreign matter
  9. check cable/cord grip




Once a visual inspection has been completed a full electrical combined test on the appliance is carried out which may include any or all of the following


  1. - Earth Continuity Test
  2. - Insulation Resistance test
  3. - Functional check ( earth leakage & load testing)

Once the appliance or lead being tested has been checked for a variety of faults, it is then given a pass or fail sticker as appropriate. A certificate of testing is also provided for the business showing the results of all tests. We will effect minor repairs at the time of testing (for example an incorrect fuse rating or damaged plug) in order that the equipment is safe to use and can be passed; more significant faults or damage will be reported to the business manager or appropriate person.


The testing will involve switching items off if they are already on. To minimise disruption to staff and customers, the testing can be done out of hours in most circumstances.


All testing is carried out in accordance with The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and its code of practice, with full public liability insurance.


We also offer a microwave testing service to check microowave ovens for radiation leakage oven and safety testing service to compliment our portable appliance testing work, which can be carried out at the same time as your PAT testing.

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