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Residential lettings are an extremely popular investment and in the UK the lettings market is growing more and more every year. Anyone who lets residential accommodation (such as houses, flats and bedsits,multiple occupancy houses,  holiday homes, caravans and boats) as a business activity is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe.


Plug-in appliances  are a common cause of injury and/or fires. They should ideally be checked annually, since this is the only way a landlord can adequately meet his/her legal Duty of Care to ensure that the tenant is safe at all times. The procedure is straight forward and cost effective


What equipment might need to be checked?


Only portable appliances supplied by the landlord are required to be tested within a PAT Test. These generally include the washing machine, fridge, freezer, hoover, tumble dryer, kettle, toaster, lawn mower and microwave.


Failure to provide safely installed and maintained electrical appliances can lead to prosecution as it is a criminal offence. Possibly penalties for failing to comply are as follows

•  Your property insurance may be invalidated
•  A fine of £5,000 per item not complying
•  Six month’s imprisonment
•  The Tenant may also sue you for civil damages
•  Possible manslaughter charges in the event of deaths


What We Offer


For a fixed fee our technician will meet the tenant, agent or the property owner on site at the property and carry out portable appliance testing on the items there. 

Whilst on site and included in the fixed price a Technician will carry out a microwave radiation leakage test to ensure that your microwave is not leaking radiation into the house.


All tested appliances will have a pass or fail sticker attached, including a radiation test sticker on the microwave.

On completion of all testing, the property owner or agent will receive  a full list of all items inspected and the results. This will normally be sent by e-mail, or a paper copy could be sent if preferred.



We charge a fixed price per property of £55 for up to 20 items included, or £45.00 if there are less than 10 items




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Why Choose Us?


  • 110v, 240v & 415v Appliance Testing
  • City & Guilds Qualified
  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • Attentive Service
  • Plug & Fuse Replacement Available
  • 7 Day Service


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